Outdoor masks the jungle of rules. In Veneto the ban falls – La Stampa


Yes, travel. But always with the mask in tow. And a look at the sites of the Regions, because “Region that you go rule that you find”. On the road, wherever you go, you must have it with you because it is mandatory both by train and by plane, as well as by subway and bus, in any city you are in. You must also wear it on the ship, but in the common areas. In the cabin everyone does what they want.

Even when entering a shop, bar, restaurant or post office or bank, it is mandatory. Just as it is necessary to wear gloves in the supermarket and in food stores. Or if you go shopping for clothes.

Furthermore, several regions have imposed more restrictive measures. Until now, masks are mandatory even outdoors in Sicily, unless motor activity is performed. Ditto in Sardinia, “where it is not possible to maintain the spacing of at least one meter”. Even in Lombardy until 14 June it is mandatory outdoors as well as indoors. The ban expires on 1st June in Veneto and 3rd in Piedmont. In short, before moving from one Region to another it is better to inquire.

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