“Other than Tangentopoli, the ‘dirty hands’ of magistrates between recommendations and political intertwining” – Libero Quotidiano


The chats of Luca Palamara are the testimony of the “dirty hands“Magistrates who recommend each other to make a career. It is the thesis of Vittorio Sgarbi, who recorded a video in which he reflects for a long time on the scandal that is sweeping justice and in particular the CSM. “Now the judges – said the art critic – must have the courage to talk about their dirty hands between aid, recommendations and intertwining with politicians”. It had been a long time seeing us on Palamara Francesco Cossiga, given that on live television the former head of state called the magistrate a “tuna face”. Now the judiciary has touched such a low point that, according to Sgarbi, it even rehabilitates the politics of the times of Tangentopoli: “Here the matter is much more serious, let’s talk about magistrates who then have to judge the others. What a horror, and they also want to stay there. At home everyone, the judiciary must be re-founded on people who are able to see the real responsibilities and not the political ones ”.

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