Ordinance of De Luca: the shores reopen and the free beaches are available again


A new order of the Campania Region signed in the evening by the Governor Vincenzo De Luca establishes the reopening of the beaches from Saturday 23 May, provided that very strict rules are respected: in particular, access only with reservations, ten square meters of space for each umbrella and at least one and a half meters between each deck chair or chair. Upon arrival and until you reach your seat you will need to wear a mask and so also at the exit.Managers will need to install dispensers to sanitize their hands. Showers only outdoors. Green light to pleasure boating also to the islands, only for residents or domiciled in Campania. From Monday 25 the zoo of Naples and the Maitine will also reopen.


Starting from 23 May and until 31 July, it saves the adoption of further measures as a consequence of the evolution of the epidemiological situation, throughout the territory. The reopening of the activities of the bathing establishments is allowed“.

1.2. with effect from the adoption of specific municipal plans, to be adopted in compliance with the provisions of the paragraph Free beaches of the same Safety Protocol Attachment sub 1 this provision also allows the use of free access beaches, under the conditions and methods provided for in the Plans themselves;

1.3. the reopening of the commercial activities of bicycle, scooter, rickshaw, bicycle rentalwheelchairs, electric scooters, sedways and the like, in strict compliance with the general measures provided for in the Document Attachment sub 2 to Ordinance n.48 of 17 May 2020, published on BURC n.107 of the same date, referring to retail commercial activities, insofar as they are compatible, as well as to the measures referred to in the Security Protocol annexed sub 2 to this provision;

1.3. is allowed pleasure boating on private vehicles, also by subjects not belonging to the cohabiting family and residents or domiciled in the Campania region, with the use of places reduced in this case by 25% compared to the maximum allowed by the navigation booklet, in order to ensure adequate distancing on board;

1.4 amending the provisions of point 4.1 of Ordinance no. 48 of 17 May 2020, it is allowed disembarkation on islands with private vehicles pleasure craft, limited to intra-regional mobility, relating to citizens residing or domiciled in the regional territory.


2. As of May 25, 2020, it is allowed the exercise of regional Zoos (Naples Zoo and Maitine Zoo), provided that the Protocols are respected, to be transmitted by the operators concerned to the Municipalities and the Prevention Departments of the competent AASSLL and to the Crisis Unit, containing the precautionary measures drawn up in compliance with the documents already examined by the Regional Crisis Unit, integrated with the further requirements of the note of the Crisis Unit of 22 May 2020, Annex sub 3 to this provision. From the date of transmission of the Protocols, the performance of the activity is allowed in compliance with the provisions set out therein, without prejudice to any subsequent checks on the relative compliance.

3. For anything not provided for in this provision, the provisions of Order no. 48 of 17 May 2020, published on BURC n.107 of the same date. Ordinance no.49 of 20 May 2020, published on BURC no.111 of the same date, is also confirmed.

4. In accordance with the provisions of art. 2 of decree law n.33 of 16 May 2020, unless the fact constitutes a crime other than that referred to in article 650 of the criminal code, violations of the provisions of this provision are punished with the administrative sanction referred to in article 4 , paragraph 1, of the decree-law 25 March 2020, n. 19 (payment of a sum from € 400 to € 3,000).

In cases where the violation is committed in the exercise of a business activity, the ancillary administrative sanction of the closure of the year or of the activity from 5 to 30 days is also applied. 5. This ordinance is communicated, pursuant to art.1, paragraph 16 of the decree – law 16 May 2020, n.33 to the Minister of Health and is notified to the regional Crisis Unit, to the Municipalities, to the Prefectures, to the AASSLL , to the Port Authorities, to the Chambers of Commerce and is published on the institutional website of the Campania Region, as well as on the BURC. A judicial appeal is admitted against this Ordinance before the Regional Administrative Court within sixty days of publication, or extraordinary appeal to the Head of State within one hundred and twenty days.

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