Orban’s message to Salvini (with an old Nokia) sends the rosiconi – Il Tempo upside down


The message of the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to Matteo Salvini to celebrate the no of the Senate elections and Immunities junta to the trial request on the Open Arms case starts from an old mobile phone Nokia. “Your battle is a good battle. We are with you, Matteo!”, Wrote the Hungarian premier standard bearer of the sovereignism who posts the photo of his mobile phone on Facebook with the sms to the leader of the League. “Dear friend! Congratulations. Hungary is with you.” Relaunching the post of the Hungarian Prime Minister, Salvini comments: “Thank you very much to our friend Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orb├ín for the beautiful message”.

A message that hurts everyone who wanted to see the former League’s interior minister at the bar for “kidnapping“in the story of the landing of migrants from the NGO ship.

On social networks the anti-Salvini attack the cell phone Orban between irony and conspiracy frustration: “He has a disposable phone like the pushers of Better Call Saul (the Netflix series, ed)”, jokes one. “He deliberately put an old phone to collect empathy / nostalgia with those who cannot afford recent phones. Every shot is political marketing,” writes another, not realizing that the cell phone in the picture is by Orban, not by Salvini. “The news is that Salvini and Orban are communicating with a disposable Dear Old Unbreakable Nokia.” In short, any excuse is good for casting shadows on sovereigns.

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