Orange waistcoat demonstration in Milan, Pappalardo will be reported


AGI – Animated manifestation of the movement of the ‘orange vests’ of the general of the carabinieri at rest Antonio Pappalardo, this morning in Piazza Duomo in Milan, as well as in Turin and Bologna. In Milan several hundred people gathered shouting slogans against the government and for “the return to the Italian lira”.

In the midst of the crowd, which contravened the assembly ban, the figure of Pappalardo stood out, dressed in a showy orange jacket and tie of the same color. The head of the population has been identified by the police and will be reported precisely for violation of the rules of the Dpcm of 17 May, which still prevents the gatherings and punishes those who do not wear a mask.

The same fact, speaking on the microphone, did not wear it. Other participants in the gathering this morning will also be identified through the images and reported, but – as far as is known – it will be a long job, because it will be necessary to trace all those who have violated the norm.

The event, however, was authorized and remained static, as required by the first article of the decree. Instead, the rule on social distance has been violated. In the past, Pappalardo has become the protagonist of street movements such as the Forconi movement. The protest ignited with the passing of the hours and the area was cordoned off and manned by the police.

The demonstrations in Turin, Bologna and Rome

A hundred orange vests also took to the streets in Turin to protest “an illegal government” with the cry of “freedom, freedom”. The protesters who join the movement born on the initiative of Pappalardo, found themselves in Piazza Statuto, praising the return to the lira and asking for the resignation of Prime Minister Conte. Many had masks, but many lowered it shortly after the protest began.

Similar scene in Bologna in Piazza Maggiore where a hundred people found themselves protesting, also here often without masks and with a gathering without respecting the distancing measures.

The scene attracted numerous onlookers from the sides of the square, and a police patrol intervened. The call to order of the agents was however accepted by the demonstrators – about a hundred – and the demonstration – complete with a meeting – continued without problems and ended without sanctions.

Criticism from political forces

The reaction of the mayor Giuseppe Sala in Milan is vehement: “I asked the Prefect – he writes in a post on Facebook – to denounce the organizers of the so-called ‘Orange vests’ demonstration. An act of irresponsibility in a city like Milan that is so laboriously trying to get out of the difficult situation he is in. ”

Critics also from the M5s: “The orange vests have made fun of the Milanese and have broken the rules for ignorance and incivility – reports a note by Marco Fumagalli, group leader in the Region – who authorized this gathering? Why wasn’t it prevented? tomorrow the number of people who will be responsible will increase. ”

“Today we are witnessing ‘gatherings’ of subjects dressed in orange, who, in spite of every call regarding the obligation to distance themselves, praise the square and return to the lira with a repugnant nationalist regurgitation, who is it tomorrow? Never like today – he concludes – on the eve of Republic Day, we are called to keep our attention high on citizens’ rights and health and respect for democratic rules “.

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