Orange vests, reported Pappalardo


Orange vests, reported Pappalardo

Antonio Pappalardo, the leader of the orange vests and the promoter of the garrison which was held in Piazza Duomo in Milan, will be reported in the next few hours, for violation of the provisions concerning the Dpcm in the part relating to the ban on gathering and the obligation to wear individual protection to contain the infection of the Covid 19 virus. This is what Adnkronos learns from police headquarters sources.

The garrison was authorized but being he “the person in charge of the event will be reported because when one presents a notice of the event he assumes responsibility also for the other participants to respect the rules”, explain from via Fatebenefratelli that, in the next few hours, will send the report to the judicial authority.

The participants in the protest movement which calls, among other things, for a return to the “Italian lira” and a “government voted by the people”, would therefore be called upon to respond – when they are identified – that they did not wear the mask or that they did not kept the distance with the other demonstrators in the square.

The identification work of the other participants, quite numerous in Piazza Duomo, “will take several days and will start from the next few hours”, assures the staff in uniform. Pappalardo, in addition to being the promoter of the initiative, is immortalized without a mask, in different images, in clear violations of the provisions that must be respected to counter the spread of the coronavirus.

The management of public order, when dealing with participatory events, does not recommend identifying those present on the spot to avoid possible tensions; identification is then carried out through images, not only those recorded by the fixed cameras in the area but also acquired by the policemen themselves or by photographers and cameras.

A job that takes longer, but that provides tangible support for investigations. In the coming days, if not in the coming weeks, developments are therefore expected on the exact number of complaints for the violations of the Dpcm for the part relating to the violation of the urgent measures to contain the contagion of Covid-19.

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