Orange vests, Pappalardo stops in Bari: “The pandemic does not exist”. Christian family: “Meeting of idiots”. In Milan, fines waited


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“The pandemic does not exist.” With this motto i orange vests, driven by Antonio Pappalardo, arrive in Puglia, with another demonstration and another gathering. Also in this case, as for the protest staged yesterday in several Italian squares including Milan, the use of masks seems to be a optional. The general, president of the group, already known to be among the animators of the pitchforks and to have notified, in December 2017, a report of arrest to Mattarella (affair for which he is in judgment for the vilification of the Head of State) in front of the theater Piccinni of Bari, reiterated that the emergency for the coronavirus “is a crazy shit”. In response, hundreds of demonstrators repeatedly shouted “freedom, murderers, buffoons”, and sang theMameli’s anthem, complete with stadium trumpets, flags and a couple of tricolor banners.

A protest similar to the one that was held yesterday in front of the Milan Cathedral and that the weekly Christian family, with a comment signed by Francesco Anfossi, defined “the most impressive gathering of idiots in recent decades“. The reason? “None of them wore masks, and kept the least distance, just on the day when in Lombardy the threshold of 16 thousand deaths was exceeded”. A harsh attack which is not however isolated. Even yesterday, for example, the mayor of Bergamo, Giorgio Gori and that of Milan, Beppe Sala, underlined the irresponsibility of the event. “There were a few dozen shamanists, but they were always too many. I hope they are identified and reported, “wrote the first citizen of the Bergamo area. The mayor of Turin Chiara AppendinoHe also reiterated the scientific usefulness of the mask in the fight against Coronavirus, citing an article from one of the most authoritative scientific journals in the world, Science, and commenting: “The pattern is very simple and intuitive: if we all wear it, exposure to risk is minimized”. The mayor of Milan, on the other hand, defined by the former general as “a political slacker”, did not enter into the merits of the beliefs of the Movement. He stressed only that “we must have the patience to listen to everyone” and if anything, if their idea is to return to the lira, “We should ask them if at this point Italy should immediately renounce European funds”.

Precisely for the absence of spacing and masks, Papparlardo will be reported in the next few hours for violation of the provisions concerning the Dpcm. planned sanctions also for Milan protesters, already identified by Digos investigators, who will receive administrative penalties, ie fines from 400 to 3000 euros for violating anti-Covid rules. The “orange tour”, which includes five days of events, which began with yesterday’s garrison in Milan’s Piazza Duomo, however, has no intention of stopping. As announced by the same leader, on June 2, the day of the Republic Day, the group met once again in Rome to “ask for the resignation of the government”.

“Coronavirus is not lethal – stressed Pappalardo during the demonstration in Bari – he kills the over 80 years old sick. Enough with the lies and falsehoods, you have terrified the Italian people, you annihilated him. ” From the stage, before and after his speech, it was asked – with little result – to respect the social distancing, few masks worn by the participants in the event, controlled remotely by the Police, Carabinieri and city police. During a live broadcast on Facebook, the former general promised to return to Rome on June 2: “The people will gather to restore freedom and democracy in our country”. The five days of the demonstration, he added, aim to “drive this Nazi dictatorship out of our country. Because people can’t take this anymore shame to be forced to stay away, it hadn’t happened for three months, without masks we started breathing again and people shouted: ‘Freedom’ “.

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