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I “orange vests“come down in more than 30 squares from North to South. Many without mask is slightly spaced. And controversy breaks out. The movement claims the right to the “Italic lira”, is Covid-skeptical and asks to give the word back to the people. The rallies are also held in Turin, Bologna, Trento, Padua and other cities. But it’s in Rome and Milan that cause more sensation. In the capital, with far-right exponents in an improvised procession, tension rises and the police intervene in riot gear. At least 70 people identified and reported.

In the Lombard capital, the general of the carabinieri on leave, Antonio Pappalardo, in the suit symbol of the protest, takes the floor in Piazza Duomo. The promoter, former leader of the ‘Forconi’ movement, will be denounced for violation of the rules of the Dpcm in force, which allow static demonstrations but keeping distances and with a mask. Pappalardo remained without the whole time. Not only. According to the police, the demonstrators will be reported who will be identified by viewing the available images. The initiative had been authorized but the modalities did not comply with the provisions of the anti-Covid legislation.

Orange vests in the square in Rome:

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Tension, in particular, however, in the streets of the historic center of Rome for an unauthorized demonstration of far-right groups, ‘March on Rome’ and Casapound, and for the presence of ‘orange vests’, convinced that the health crisis is just an invention and that the pandemic is a political design to register people. Law enforcement officers were forced to intervene in Piazza Venezia and via del Corso, closing the streets, to prevent the demonstrators, about a hundred, from reaching Palazzo Chigi. Then the identifications and the complaints took off.

On the other hand, about 500 people gather in the heart of Milan in a few hundred meters. Mayor, Giuseppe Sala, he is not there and bursts on Facebook: “I asked the Prefect to denounce the organizers of the so-called ‘orange waistcoat’ event. An act of irresponsibility in a city like Milan that is trying so hard to get out of the difficult situation in which it finds itself “.

Marco Fumagalli, leader of the M5S Lombardia group, also spoke on the barricades: “The orange vests made fun of the Milanese and broke the rules out of ignorance and incivility. Who authorized this gathering? Why hasn’t it been prevented? will he be responsible? ” For Silvia Roggiani, secretary of the Pd Milano, “after months of sacrifices and responsibilities on the part of the Milanese, such a slap in the city cannot be tolerated”.

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