‘Orange vests’ and Casapound in the square in Rome against the government. “The virus does not exist, we are hungry”


Tension in the center of Rome for some demonstrations organized by various groups attributable to the far right, in particular ‘March on Rome’ and Casapound, in protest against the government. Among them also someone who wears ‘orange vests’.Piazza Venezia and via del Corso are currently closed to traffic due to the presence of a few hundred protesters, several of them sitting on the ground, as well as the areas near Piazza Colonna are closed. The presence of armored vehicles of the police and the carabinieri is significant, with the police forces deployed in riot gear to prevent the flow towards Palazzo Chigi and Montecitorio.

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“They don’t make us do it and we don’t leave from here”, the protesters shout with megaphones, also chanting several “traitors” and various insults towards the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. Then with their arms raised they approached the cordon of law enforcement officers who barred his way shouting “Here there are people who have not eaten. There are people who have not taken a salary for 4 months. We are hungry”. “They made us die,” shouts a woman from Bergamo.”The coronavirus is all a political, economic and social design because they want to sell us to China, Di Maio first of all – they continue – making us get the vaccine and listing us. The virus does not exist, for this reason we do not wear masks, and meanwhile people die of hunger”.



Yellow vests, Afd, CasaPound. The ultra-right returns

The protesters also continue to sing the Italian anthem and shout “freedom”.

Armored personnel officers and soldiers are forcing protesters to move away from the center, shifting the charge to the Tiber and guarding the alleys. Traffic paralyzed with motorists blocked by the demonstrators themselves.


No safety distance and masks: the protest of the orange vests in Milan violates all anti-Covid regulations

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