Open Arms, Salvini feels isolated: “The Chamber will send me to court. Conte knew and I would do it all again “


But how can I be tried for an affair in which the Prime Minister was perfectly aware of everything? In which clear that he could have intervened at any time ?. Matteo Salvini flaunts indifference to the outcome of the vote. This morning the Junta for Immunities will have to vote on sending him to trial for the facts of the Open arms ship: Whatever happens, then the courtroom will send me to trial … the League leader says to those who tell him that the junta could say no to the judgment with some star ratings in free release. Salvini shakes his head: Just me, they want to try … Mind you, I take on all the responsibilities and even more: a Spanish NGO, despite a safe harbor in Spain, brought the migrants to Italy. I defended Italian sovereignty, security, honor and dignity. And I would do it all. The former Interior Minister does not accept the reasoning of those who tell him that Prime Minister Conte was perhaps held back by being in government with the League: Macch, it was August and the government was already gasping …

Salvini will not show up this morning, but not that attitude of the challenge. However, it is likely that he is making bitter reflections on justice. For this he asks for true justice “on the episode of the two cousins ​​of Ragusa mowed down by a street pirate, who according to the League leader despite the curriculum of alcohol, drugs and attacks in a few years is likely to be already out of jail. The story re-emerged because the sentence awaited for today. And Salvini was very impressed, who talked about it with several people. In short: it is possible that the secretary of the League in his heart makes the comparison between an investor of children who (perhaps) is getting along with little and himself who will be tried for a crime that he does not exist. From a judiciary in which there are prosecutors, see the Palamara case, who theorized to give me in the head without anyone having felt compelled to say a word or lift their finger, usually with me always ready. In short, Salvini feels somewhat isolated. Even in the center-right. Today a federal council will be held in Rome in which, in addition to renewing the regional commissioners and appointing the department heads of the party, the League will set up the event scheduled for 2 June. But with the allies, even on this, the difficulties were not lacking, especially with the Brothers of Italy by Giorgia Meloni.

The sense of isolation also concerns the controversy over the management of Coronavirus dapart from the Lombardy Region with Northern League traction. Yesterday the League leader ended in summit with regional councilors and councilors. The intention is to stay on the piece personally: Savini has announced that he will be in the Region next week to the League players. We don’t talk about reshuffles, not the moment: Even if after two and a half years it would be physiological and without the virus maybe there would have already been an assessor. Malaise emerged on the opportunity to launch a control room to prepare the ground for the post-epidemic recovery phases. For the moment, the idea is not yet ripe. But Salvini, the point this, has no intention of letting go of his region. Finally there is the question of regional administrative elections. The date the majority is thinking about, September 13, is read by the Northern League as a deliberate sabotage for the election campaign. A Salvinian snorted: But didn’t they explain the impossibility of electoral campaigns in August last year? They have health reasons, but the cards don’t show them ….

May 26, 2020 (change May 26, 2020 | 07:16)


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