only games, no consoles and no price! What to expect from the June 4th event?


Sony broke the silence up PlayStation 5 and he gave us an appointment at 22:00 on Thursday 4 June for an in-depth look at the next generation. What can we expect from the event? We asked about it based on the words of Jim Ryan, president and CEO of Sony’s PlayStation division.

First, it has been confirmed that the absolute protagonists will be the games. Sony will give us a taste of the potential of PlayStation 5, without however showing it to us in its entirety: the reveal will take place on another occasion, since that of June 4 will be only the first of a series of events that will accompany us to discover the console. According to an analyst, the price of PS5 will probably not be revealed, since the ongoing health and economic crisis is making this decision rather difficult for Sony, as well as for the competition. However, the CEO asked us not to necessarily expect the lowest price, since this will come from a combination of many factors. On the other hand, there is no shortage of stocks at the launch of PlayStation 5.

Given that there will be no space for the actual console, what kind of games can we expect? The well-known journalist Jason Schreier said that both PlayStation exclusives and titles developed by third parties could be shown, among other things fueling speculation on the announcement of Demon’s Soul Remake. Jim Ryan, for his part, did not anticipate anything about the games that will be the protagonists of the event. In an interview he only limited himself to reporting that The Last of Us Part 2 will run on PS5 without problems, thanks to the backward compatibility function. For further reading, we advise you to look at the Special Video opening the news.

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