Online scam, “anti-5G” USB stick for sale for over 300 euros


Before they were almost completely out of production, it was not difficult to find very small ones on the market 128 megabyte USB sticks for the price of a couple of coffees. An English site – but with an Italian version – sells them instead to 283 pounds, that is about 315 euros. A kit of three costs instead 795 pounds (885 euros). Figures beyond all logic, and the reason lies in the name of the platform: Well yes: evidently to fight the radiation most feared by the buffaloes all over the world the bracelets of were not enough. We needed the other. So here is the arrival of an innovative pen drive equipped with technologyof quantum holographic catalyst for the balance and harmonization of the harmful effects of balanced electric radiation useful to balance and resurface the disturbing frequencies deriving from the electric fog induced by devices such as laptops, telephones, cordless phones, Wi-Fi, tablets, etc. A clear display to be envied by the most inspired Count Mascetti. But not all of it. Because the miraculous device, according to what reported, not only able to guarantee protection from all unbalanced harmful electrical radiations (but they were not balanced?), But also deals with two other incomprehensible aspects such as the emission of the life force frequencies and the restoration of the coherence of atoms. In fact, if the key on the one hand emits a large number of frequencies of vital force favoring a general revitalization of the body, adjusting them according to the absorption capacity of each individual, on the other it restores the coherence of the geometry of the atoms, which provides perfect induction for vital forces, (re) creating cardiac coherence, through plasma support and interactivity. Once again not given to know what everything really means to us. It is in fact only about empty and pompous terms acts to suggest less informed and more impressionable users. A clumsy digital scam.

That the keys of actually they are not equipped with any system capable of shielding hypothetical dangerous frequencies for human health, it therefore seems already evident from the product presentation. However, as reported by the BBC, a survey published Thursday by Pen Test Partners’ cybersecurity experts wanted to go beyond appearances and investigate, through the analysis of internal components, whether these devices actually differ from those available on the market. The answer was clear and unequivocal: they are identical. Those sold in exorbitant numbers, therefore, are nothing more than keys probably made in China and then regenerated, on which a simple adhesive was then applied. A blast not only for producers – who continue to defend themselves by saying that the experts do not have in-depth information on the product – but also for Tony Hall, an external member of the 5G advisory committee of the city of Glastonbury (the one of the famous festival ) who had recommended the purchase. Moreover, the belief that 5G, even if used within the limits established by law, causes damage to health has never been scientifically proven. Consequently, if the prodigious pen drives worked as promised, they would still act against something not dangerous to humans. Almost two months after the malicious killing of dozens of antennas, however, for many British conspiracy theorists the concept still seems unclear. Hence the birth of improvised online business who aim to make money on their (wrong) beliefs. An ongoing crime for which the intervention of the competent authorities is expected shortly.

May 29, 2020 (change May 29, 2020 | 5:01 pm)


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