OnePlus Buds: are they really the anti AirPods wireless headphones? Here are the pictures


OnePlus Buds: this is the name of the probable true wireless headphones that is, the active noise canceling wireless headphones that the Pete Lau company seems willing to officially present as early as next July. They are headphones that will allow OnePlus to eliminate the gap in this field with other competitors, thus guaranteeing users loyal to the brand to buy wireless headphones with a case.

OnePlus Buds: this is how they will be

True wireless headphones are undoubtedly a trend of the moment. The success of AirPods, whether classic or Pro, have created a new category of accessories that all the major smartphone manufacturers have tried to fill. Samsung with its Galaxy Buds +, OPPO with the Encore but also HUAWEI with the FreeBuds and still Sony, Xiaomi and many others.

OnePlus was missing from the appeal as the company continued to prefer headphones with the “collar” in classic ears that so far had captured the attention of many. To hypothesize everything arrive the images of Max J. on Twitter that reveal the appearance of the OnePlus Buds and above all the date of possible arrival on the market that is July 2020.

Aesthetically what OnePlus seems to have made a product similar to others already on the market. The OnePlus Buds in fact it resembles in their appearance to the classic Apple AirPods with a case that is closer to the HUAWEI FreeBuds for its circular shape. What is rumored that the company plans to launch a new OnePlus Z, a less performing and cheaper smartphone than the others. Next to it here is that the company seems ready to add new true wireless headphones ready to climb the market in this category as well as with smartphones.

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