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As soon as we leave, reservations and analyzes are already booming. At the San Camillo hospital in Rome, serological tests to understand whether IgC immunoglobolins have developed, the “sentinel” antibodies of Covid-19, are already done quickly: one every ten minutes, every day from Monday to Friday from 11 to 17 , 30 (with a short lunch break) and on Saturdays from 7 to 12.30. “And we have already received many requests for reservations so that tomorrow (Friday, editor’s note) is all full”, say from the maxi hospital of Monteverde that has strengthened the Microbiological laboratory in an emergency Covid. Many Romans who already yesterday contacted the Regional Recovery at 069939 to ask to be able to perform the test, starting today Thursday 28 May, in one of the three hospital facilities authorized by the Lazio Region: in addition to San Camillo, in fact, also the San Giovanni and Sant’Andrea. Of course, to prevent any gathering inside hospitals and in their waiting rooms, you can only undergo the test by booking and the response must be “withdrawn” after 24 hours via the web on https: //www.salutelazio .it / download-your-report by issuing credentials at the time of the withdrawal. “Here too – explain from San Giovanni – membership is high, the rate established by the Region allows many people to undergo the withdrawal, moreover in a public facility with high quality standards”.The test is carried out privately at the regional calmed rate of 15.23 euros (to which a contribution between 1 or 2.70 euros can be added for the withdrawal) with relative payment exclusively online through pago-pa or Sisal branches before of performance. But who decides to voluntarily take the test?
From a first survey, these are mainly private and seasonal workers, especially shop assistants, waiters, counter workers but also “owners” of delivery vans and taxi drivers, who to feel more secure, who to offer in search of employment, an element to add to the “curriculum”.
But the examination, it should be remembered, does not say if you are coronavirus sufferers or not, but it can reveal if you have come in contact with the disease, therefore it does not give any health license. Any negative response to the test should in no way be interpreted as immunity to the virus. Negativity indicates, with a high level of probability, that the organism has not come into contact with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, but it is not an absolute guarantee of the absence of SARS-CoV-2 infection. And the negative result of the serological test does not in any way attribute an “immunity license”.

“In case of a positive response to the serological test, a nose / oropharyngeal swab must be promptly performed to find out if the infection is active or if you are at risk of transmitting the infection to others,” the Lazio Region said.
who “strongly” advises to undergo the swab, informing in advance your general practitioner who will prescribe it. Obviously also to perform the serological test through the regional hospital system, therefore, by booking and putting on the waiting list, it is necessary to have a medical prescription on a white dematerialized prescription. To carry out the buffer, then you will go to the drive-in stations in the area.
The Department of Health has also published the list of authorized private clinics where citizens – for a fee – can undergo the test. The price indicated by the Region is that of 15.23 euros, but as soon as the tests appeared, they were “offered” by private individuals also at 90-100 euros. The execution of serological tests extends with the aim of providing a useful mapping for a timely and large-scale assessment of the circulation of the virus, particularly in asymptomatic subjects.


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