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TORINO. “Why not at 10 p.m.?” The Assembly of Serie A clubs reached the final corners after listening to the rebellion of Inter and Milan on the date of the semi-finals of the Italian Cup when the theme of the new football timetables returns.

On Monday, the twenty companies will design the calendar from 20 June to the finish line in the first few days of August, net of any stops related to health uncertainty (today the positive trend bodes well …). And with the dates of the various days – 12 are missing plus the four recoveries with which the curtain will rise – the hourly windows of the meetings will be defined. “Why not at 10 pm?” Is the latest idea, concrete and credible. The starting point lies in the revolt of the players who through the mouth of their union led by Damiano Tommasi have sent a clear and clear message to the presidents: with the heat at the gates, we will not go down to the game until after 6pm. A stone launched into a delicate scenario where many things have yet to find their place. Thus, the 5.30 pm band appears more and more in the balance, while alternative and almost obligatory solutions are taking shape. The late afternoon – 19, 19 and 30 – remains one of the most viable streets like that of the evening, more evening than usual.

Elsewhere, see Spain, it has long been the case to see formations competing in the arena with a kick-off at 10 p.m. (for example on the occasion of the King’s Cup final). It could also happen with us, with good peace of established habits: the reasoning is simple and tells of extraordinary measures to give answers to an exceptional moment and, among these, the times of the championship challenges are included. The final duel will be between 9:45 pm and the aforementioned 10pm: one of the slots will be assigned in this way also because a gap of at least two and a quarter hours between one race and the next is needed. Monday, the verdict: Italian football is ready to write unpublished pages of its history.

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