on the front page the names of deaths at the hands of covid-19


May 24, 2020: indelible page published by the New York Times on the names of US citizens who died of coronavirus

New York Times deaths (photo from the web)

The coronavirus does not seem to know the word end in America. The United States right now they represent the flag of the massacre created by Sars-Cov-2.

The contagion curve shows no signs of stopping, while the New York Times draws a first death toll at the hands of the enemy. In the USA the deaths are almost 100 thousand: an impressive number that the starry newspaper wanted to share for a specific purpose.

May 24 2020 it will not be forgotten so easily by the population newyokese that in the future will tell children and grandchildren the seriousness of the situation we are experiencing. The names classified on the front page will not only be a serial number destined to end up by the wayside.

Each US citizen who fell victim to coronavirus will be remembered by the magazine through the his name, his age and a dedication like a fighter awarded a medal for the valor of country.

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Coronavirus, the situation in the world

coronavirus deaths
Coronavirus contagions (Getty Images)

The number of coronavirus infections worldwide has exceeded the 5 million mark. The dead are more than 342 thousand, although the Pandemic in many areas of the planet is undergoing a significant decline. These include Italy and the Iberian countries. Immediately after the United States of America, the major countries for contagion number most affected by the enemy are Brazil and Russia.

In particular, the South American nation seems to reach a new peak of contagions every day. In just one day, Brazil has reached even more than 16,000 infected people. The country cannot boast of a state-of-the-art health resource and consequently the situation attached to deaths it becomes more and more precipitous: almost 1000 in twenty-four hours.

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coronavirus deaths
photos from the web

Faced with the tragic picture of the Pandemic, China is open to any principle of collaboration to identify the original source of the coronavirus. “A scientific design” – denounce the oriental experts who dismiss any hypothesis or political interest.

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