On the beach after the Coronavirus, the cooling cushion – Cronaca was born in Pesaro


Pesaro, 29 May 2020 – The summer season starts with one news made in Pesaro intended both for those who decide to stay in the garden for sunbathing after the coronavirus emergency, and for those who want to go to the beach. Ioanna Perakis, from Pesaro, has patented the novelty of the season, that is, he explains, “a high performance refreshing pillow, that is, a cushion that can, at will, become and stay cool for a few hours even under the direct rays of the sun in the hottest periods, making the moments of relaxation, both at the sea and in the garden, a little more pleasant for those who will give up their umbrellas “.

Ioanna in the clothes rack of & # 39; Vittisari & # 39 ;: the pillow dedicated to the daughters Vittoria and Sara

A valid help to enjoy the sun comfortably lying down, without having to get up because of the heat, at the sea, in the pool, in the garden, on the terrace, wherever you want. “The idea – Ioanna explains – came from my great passion for the sea and the personal observation, shared by many sun lovers like me, of how warm the current cushions of the sun loungers were. So out of passion and initially for fun, I tried to solve the problem and found the solution “. With exciting results: “From the very first user it is an amazing solution. In some luxury hotels and resorts, guests are offered wet” towels “just taken from the freezer, to be put under the head to better enjoy the sun. However, their effect lasts only a few minutes: that’s why my pillow is a revolution “.

Destined to make its way onto the beaches of Pesaro and beyond. “My slogan is: the fresh sea under your head without having to wet it “. Singular name: “Vittisari (registered trademark) summary of the diminutives of my daughters Vittoria and Sara “.

But what features does the invention of the Pesaro summer have? “The cushion – explains Ioanna – is not always refrigerated, it looks like a normal elegant and comfortable headrest, as it is made of materials that do not block the passage of air, making the cushion in itself fresh and somewhat pleasant for beds or sunbathing deck At will, on very hot days, being equipped with an internal pocket, you can insert the cooling element which will make it cool and keep it cool for a few hours, even in direct sunlight. , a feeling of pleasant refreshment on the neck, on the neck, on the cheeks and on the hair will remain dry. Obviously with wet hair the effect is amplified. Once the effect is finished, remove the refreshing element and place it in a normal freezer. , so that its fluid will consolidate and be ready for a new use “.

Ioanna also thought about aesthetics and certification: “Vittisari – he says – is externally made with nautical fabrics, elegant, resistant, very washable and breathable, it is sewn with nautical thread and internally it is equipped with a breathable and anti-mold material, tested by Swiss institutes, ideal both to let the air pass when the cushion is without the cooling element and to protect the cooling element from the sun and to let out all the coolness, when it is placed in the pillow at will. “But what is the cooling element? “It is an eutectic plate, with certain external and internal characteristics “, explains Ioanna. The cushion has two” anchors “, a technical one for bathing establishments and a universal one with nautical lines, elegant and resistant, to be able to tie it wherever you want. It is also open a site ( www.vittisari.com www.vittisari.com/en to find out more, in Italian and English. The price? “Maximum content – Ioanna concludes – we want to be a help for those who need a peaceful relaxation. Anyone who wants can contact me at 3480563387, via WhatsApp and via email: [email protected].

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