“On Palamara knee-high gossip in the balls”


We reach Carlo Rossella, president of Medusa Film, walking with his black labrador. Like everyone, he read the flood of eavesdropping on the magistrate Luca Palamara, a former member of the CSM and a former president of the ANM, investigated for corruption.

Actors, footballers, politicians. In short, Palamara is established that he spoke to everyone. But is Palamara’s nightlife so interesting?

I personally don’t care. I haven’t moved a hair.
But I understand that it can interest the CSM, its magistrate colleagues, the politicians who have lent themselves to his game, his friends who may have made use of his friendships. He looks like someone who slipped a lot in these things … When I read the pressing on Palamara for the nominations’ and then I see the people who exchanged messages with him … well … Well, I have to say, if one sees Palamara in short, it is not that the wallet gives him.

Beyond the profile of the character that is quite outlined, many of the things that are coming out, less than criminally and politically relevant, have a public interest or are they just gossip?

The gossip that is made about Palamara is certainly not a funny thing. I have done a lot of gossip, and it must be a serene, peaceful thing, here we go to a very complicated territory where there is no lightness. The gossip must touch, hit with a caress, not with a knee in the balls. At least in my journalistic view of gossip.

For those with power, is it not inappropriate to move with such ease?

If you have power, you must use it well. Power is not used with ease, but with responsibility. You must move very carefully because you must know that you are under the judgment of citizens, you must be very careful, because citizens think, meditate, and when they judge in general they are not wrong.

Any person of power has a very structured power system. Can we configure a limit to relationship power? Today a map is published with Palamara that looks like an octopus …

This power of relationship should be used well, not to make questionable and scandalous interlaces that scandalize public opinion. It should be used to do ‘good and right things’, as the priests say in the mass. But of good and right things in these events concerning the appointments, movements, the margins of his environment … I see few of them.

But if we take any powerful phone, wouldn’t it be just as ‘rich’?

Oh well, but this is because people lose all hesitation on the phone. He talks like there was only him and his interlocutor, but many are listening. To hear, and to re-hearing, mostly. Those who register are not fools, but they are people who, from their point of view, know how to do their job.

Then with chats, with whatsapp … by the way I noticed that Carlo Rossella is not on whatsapp.

I look at it well. I stay away from social networks, from chats. Dangerous. Whattasapp is a public danger. I’m not on Facebook, I’m not on anything. If anyone needs to talk to me, call me at home or at Medusa Film …

Then it is true that true power uses old generation mobile phones. Yesterday even Salvini received a text message from Orban on an old Nokia.

I have an older generation mobile phone, a well-known American brand. I am very old-fashioned. Chats, social networks, are fictions, they show a fake power, not a real power. I know very powerful people who use old cell phones. Among other things, they are not easily intercepted, they probably do not have the technical characteristics to be intercepted by modern systems.

I dare not imagine what Berlusconi could have done on whatsapp a decade ago …

(laughs) They could have made him terrible jokes.

Returning to Palamara, he is being investigated for corruption. He was a member of the CSM, president of Anm. It is a serious matter. Does this lingering in secondary details not end up creating confusion and moving us away from the center of the investigation?

The details of second importance to the court will not matter at all.
For example, when I read, from the Corriere di stamattina, that Palamara ‘becomes agitated by amendments that propose to move the age of the judiciary to 72 years, which would have made the changes that interested him’ slip ‘, which’ would be a disaster ‘ , I ask myself: ‘Who cares in Palamara if these things change? There are laws regarding magistrates, university professors, public employees of a certain type. Misfortune for whom? For him, who knows them? ‘
It is necessary to make skimmings between the interceptions but reading the quotation marks it is very clear that we are in Italy with the recommended, the recommendations, the greetings, which we know well, unfortunately.

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