On Newsstand on the Daily Fact of May 28: The MES in the corner. Italy is now breathing. The Recovery Fund is there, the EU Commission launches the Eurobonds for green, healthcare and digital: we have 82 billion (60 to give back in a long time)


The interview – Luca Zaia

“I reopen cinemas and discos. Crisanti stop on TV “

From childhood in the farmyard to nights from pr. The emergency “idol” governor admits: “The word power scares me” – The interview – Luca Zaia

The dossier – Lobby, the assault on the Unblock construction sites

Here we go again: the giants of cement must be saved

The important thing for a lobbyist is knowing how to give numbers better than politicians. And fans of the cement party have to say thank you to Covid-19 for the brilliant performance of our champions. Pietro Salini, king of Italian builders, is the boss and master. On May 5, interviewed by an ecstatic journalist from the Republic, he shows a […]

July 2017

That chat on Woodcock between Palamara and Pignatone

The CSM talks about the Consip investigation transferred to Rome, and the Neapolitan prosecutors “under scrutiny”. The then director immediately informed the chief prosecutor


Alzano, Fontana and Gallera from pm

Bergamo – Governor and councilors will be heard on the hospital-outbreak

of DM


Contract with Covid excuse. Anti-corruption moves

Trouble ahead for the Municipality of Milan and for Mayor Beppe Sala. On April 27, a dossier arrived in the offices of the National Anti-Corruption Authority (ANAC), reporting critical issues on a 39.466.275 million contract for a year. The file is also in the hands of the Municipality’s Legality and Transparency Committee […]

The big challenge

Republic vs. Courier: the first lollipop derby to the owners ends 3 to 1

Let’s treat it like a ball game, a derby of the hustlers. The situation of the two major Italian newspapers is known: Corriere della Sera is the newspaper of Urbano Cairo, Repubblica that of Fiat and the Elkann-Agnelli family. Impure publishers, it was once said: in this case the owners do nothing to mask their own […]

of To. Ro.

United States

“Twitter to close”. Trump creates the alibi of the “social enemy”

Usa2020 – The president: “Fault of the dem”

Boundaries – Phase 3 still in doubt

Government and Regions, the latest dispute is on the vote. Sala’s threat

The sky over Lombardy is still pale with pain, with 385 infected and above all 58 more deaths. And the surge in tampons, more than 12 thousand more than on Tuesday, partially explains those figures but cannot dissolve fears. Not there, in the region to which from here shortly, perhaps already Friday, they will have to […]

Rome – Valle Galeria

The 5stelle risks expulsion due to landfill

A complaint by the Prosecutor on the “contradictory choice” of Virginia Raggi and her Capitoline junta in the indication of the site for the new Rome landfill in Valle Galeria. For this reason the regional councilor of Lazio, Marco Cacciatore, has been referred to the probationers of the M5s and now risks expulsion from the Movement. The proceedings have been opened […]

In the chair

School, escort the minister. Ok to the competition agreement

Insults, videos, memes, sexist offenses: there have always been against the Minister of Education, Lucia Azzolina, but also against her predecessors. In recent weeks, however, they have reached levels that push the order and security committee to assign to the minister an escort of two men from the Guardia di Finanza. […]

In Germany

Rogo Thyssen, the two convicts still free

A joke. A grotesque story. With these terms Antonio Boccuzzi, the former worker who survived the stake of the ThyssenKrupp plant in Turin on December 6, 2007, for which seven of his colleagues died, comments the news released by Radio Colonia, North Rhine-Westphalia broadcaster: Harald Espenhahn ( above in photo) and Gerald Priegnitz, the two German managers […]


A 34-year-old dies in the Tap construction site, crushed by a crawler welder

A 34-year-old worker died yesterday in Vernole in Salento, crushed by a crawler welder on the construction site where Snam is building the interconnection with the disputed Tap pipeline from Azerbaijan. Simone Martena lived in Squinzano (Lecce) and worked as a fixed-term welder for the German subcontractor Max Streicher, engaged in laying the pipes. Second […]

ECHR judgment

Cassation: stop to other “measures” pro Contrada

In the presence of jurisprudential disagreements, Bruno Contrada had the duty to inquire about the legal nature of his conduct and, in case of further uncertainty, to abstain prudentially to avoid the risk of incurring a crime, “a risk all the more clearly perceived by the the more specific the heritage of individual knowledge and experience […]

The analysis – Breath of oxygen

The Mes in a corner: there are Eurobonds, but it is still a question

It being understood that the ideal solution to face a crisis such as that caused by Coronavirus, and in general to guarantee effective public intervention, is the one that passes through the Central Bank and for debt monetization, the Commission’s proposal on the Recovery fund for the Italy is a breath of fresh air. The first effect, […]

The reactions

Palazzo Chigi satisfied: “Now an agreement quickly”

From here to the European Council (on 19 June, but an additional one may be needed), negotiations will continue very tightly. This is the main awareness – together with the satisfaction for Ursula von Der Leyen’s proposal – at Palazzo Chigi. Because the figures contained in the European Commission’s proposal for the “Next Generation Fund” (500 billion in […]

The analysis

The country and the environment do not need great works

Soil consumption – Record data

The character

“I took the brother wall”: Instagram, the banality of evil

1727 wrldstar – Algero Corredini, 24 years old, influencer

The mission

Publisher and fact checker: the new life of the twitter

The breakthrough policy awakens the debate on the journalistic nature of the platform: “Does it have the means to verify everyone?”

The case

African American killed: Minneapolis powder keg

Masks and signs with the words “no justice, no peace”, “black lives matter”, “just get lynched”, and “I can’t breathe”: in Minneapolis hundreds of people demonstrated yesterday asking for justice for George Flyod, the black boy killed by police. The agents in riot gear with tear gas intervened to deal with them to disperse them. On the […]

The gifts of the hero Ungaretti

1888-1970 – Fifty years after his death, the poet’s literary and human heritage

of Crucifix Dentello

Period changes

Lockdown effect: Italians are now browsing (as well) the eBook

The book market – In recent months online sales (half of the sector) have grown by 7.9%

of Carlotta Vissani

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