On Netflix the docufilm The Last Dance celebrates Jordan Pippen and Rodman


Waiting for the sport to return to being talked about with its return to competitive activity, in the field of basketball, the publication of the docu-series created by ESPN and Netflix entitled The Last Dance. It is a product that has been made for the US market but that narrating the exploits of the 1997-1998 season of the Chicago Bulls and therefore of the last Michael Jordan championship, is a sporting find that all basketball fans and not only they can certainly pass up. Ten episodes lasting about 50 minutes, which feature not only the legendary Air Jordan but also champions and personalities of the caliber of Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Magic Johnson, Steve Kerr and so on.

The Last Dance is a good opportunity to retrace the best 90’s NBA basketball

The last episode was uploaded on the video on demand service and has already met the favors of both sports and television critics, but above all of all international basketball fans, from nostalgics to hipsters, since the theme is one of the important ones, both for how the series of documentaries was made, but above all for the delicate historical moment that sport in general and basketball in particular is going through.

For the NBA in particular, waiting to review the return to competitive activity especially in terms of statistics, odds and basketball bets It was certainly not a particularly bright season, given that it had already suffered the mourning of a legend and a symbol like Kobe Bryant. One of those figures who by importance are capable of going beyond the specific sector of basketball and sport. In fact, this documentary The Last Dance is useful in that it shows how the figures of Byant and Air Jordan are comparable, as also claimed by another legendary basketball player like Shaquille O’Neal.

O’Neal, who knows Bryant’s sporting path closely, for having shared the three rings with him during the Lakers era, has issued a statement in these days where he recalled the legendary figures of these two basketball champions, capable of go beyond the NBA circuit to become champions and symbols, capable of inspiring every sports and basketball fan.

Dance like Shaquille O’Neal: the memory felt and moved on Kobe Bryant

According to O’Neal, the best basketball player of all time was certainly Michael Jordan, to whom, for completeness, we must also add other stars of the NBA firmament such as LeBron and Kobe Bryant. We are talking about athletes who in their career have spent everything to grow the sports movement and to inspire future generations and the world of basketball that has changed considerably in recent years, at least as regards the United States of America.

Precisely for this reason the opportunity to review Air Jordan’s exploits through this Netflix product entitled The Last Dance throws a new light on a generation of basketball players specifically, but in general on a team that has entered the history of basketball by right NBA and therefore known worldwide, by at least three generations of sports enthusiasts. In fact it is not only Michael Jordan who is being censored, but also other forgotten champions such as Rodman and Pippen, who during the 1997-1998 season gave birth to one of the most exciting championships in NBA terms.

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