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“Here we are! It won’t take another dpcm ». Mid-afternoon yesterday Giuseppe Conte convenes a meeting with the heads of delegation to evaluate together the data that the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza he did arrive on the table in Palazzo Chigi. The long-awaited data from the Istituto Superiore di Sanità do not indicate critical situations and the transmission index of the infection (RT) is below the alarm level, or below 1, in almost all regions.

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Discos in Lazio towards the reopening on June 15: measurement of fever and reservations
Movements between Regions, Lazio border on arrivals: quarantine and checks on trains

At eight in the evening the heads of the delegation and ministers Franceschini, Fraccaro, Lamorgese, Di Maio, Boccia, Bellanova and Speranza connect with Palazzo Chigi. Conte is satisfied. The reopening decided on May 18 did not compromise the descent of the infections and from June 3 the country can therefore be reopened allowing circulation between regions. For the Minister of Health “there are no reasons to review the planned reopening of travel”. The trend of new cases is decreasing and even if some territories still have a very high numerical base, the health system is able to provide and react.

Returning to move freely throughout the country, after three months of blockade, is not without risk. Minister Speranza, illustrating the monitoring data divided by provinces, says so and insists a lot on the need to be ready for possible new closures should new outbreaks emerge, perhaps in areas so far barely touched by the virus. On the other hand, in some regions the number of cases is still high even if under control, while in others the number of infections has long been very low. Speranza recounts the monitoring data especially where caution is recommended “when the movement of people on the national territory should increase in frequency and size”.

The lockdown in Italy has made it possible to control the infection and now the resumption of circulation must not let the guard down. It reopens, therefore, without further extensions and “all together”, as argued the day before by Minister Boccia and also by the regent M5S Vito Crimi who only two days ago asked that only “travel to neighboring areas be allowed, considering that in Lombardy still you die ». In the evening meeting the confrontation proceeds quickly. Everyone agrees on the green light for June 3, as scheduled, but in strict compliance with the measures of distance, hygiene and assembly ban. The commitment remains to strengthen health systems also in view of a possible rise in infections in the autumn.

Therefore, be careful not to underestimate the signals and be ready to intervene promptly. It will now be up to Prime Minister Conte and Minister Boccia to manage the concern of some regions, Sicily and Sardinia above all, about the possible arrival from Northern Italy. Fears that spread to the governors of Puglia, Lazio and Campania yesterday and that could spark new controversies even if the government has been very firm in judging the governors’ do-it-yourself “unacceptable”. Conte cannot lose the challenge with the governors, with whom he has dueled for almost three months, and yesterday evening – deciding with the ministers to reopen – he sends a message to the governors: Rome decides.

Allowing the North to reopen together with the rest of the country, although not all the data has gone wrong, represents a sign of availability and confidence of the current government which is struggling to find interlocutors in the most productive areas of the country. Personalities such as Zaia and Bonaccini, elected directly and in close contact with their territory, could in the long run represent a problem for Conte who leads a majority with southern traction and a strong assistance vocation.

Closed the season of the dpcm, that of the reconstruction of the economic and social fabric remains with the presidents of regions that do not seem to want to give up the proscenium. The dispute over the date of the elections, and above all the possible use of the funds that MES makes available for regional health systems, will in fact be an opportunity for new protagonists or, “to make new newspaper headlines”, as under-secretary 5S Stefano Buffagni claims . For now, the only way the government has come up with to avoid being besieged is to call them one by one, putting an end to the web gatherings.

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