“Ok reform CSM, but first resignation of magistrates involved in the scandal” – Libero Quotidiano


After Matteo Salvini, also Giorgia Meloni receives the invitation from the president Sergio Mattarella to reform the composition criteria of the CSM. Fratelli d’Italia is ready to “put an end to the cancer of the currents and the bargaining of armchairs and offices”, but first of all he asks “ immediate resignation of all magistrates involved in various ways in the scandal“. A legitimate request, followed by the proposals that Meloni is ready to present on the government table: “Draw for nominations within the CSM to end the logic of dividing the currents, stop the revolving doors between the judiciary and politics and end of the figure of the magistrate out of role on loan to ministries ”. For the leader of FdI these are necessary reforms to put an end to the “dangerous intertwining between the judiciary and politics” and to restore to the “many magistrates who every day serve the state the credibility and dignity I deserve. We want to do it in the interest of Italy and the Italians and we will see in Parliament who together with us is available to help us“.

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