OFFICIAL: THE SERIES RESTART ON 20 JUNE! Spadafora: ‘We hope to complete the Italian Cup in the previous week’. Final 17? | First page


The Italian government has given the go-ahead: on 13 June the Italian football season officially starts again, halted in March due to the coronavirus emergency. The minister of sport Vincenzo Spadafora, at the end of the meeting with FIGC, Leagues, Assocalciatori, Assoallenatori and representation of the referees, authorized the restart from June 13th, when the return semifinals of Italian Cup between Juventus and Milan and between Naples and Inter. For these matches and the final, which could be played on June 17, the latest approval by the Football Association is expected.The resumption of the championship is instead set for Sunday 20 June.

These are the words released by Spadafora: “We had a meeting with all the Figc staff. As we said, football would have restarted with the authorization of the CTS on the protocols. It is therefore right that football also starts again, the scientific and technical committee stressed the need for fiduciary quarantine if a player proves positive. We also had guarantees on the issue of tampons, something that will not harm citizens’ needs in any waythus avoiding preferential channels for football.

Today we can say that Serie A will resume on June 20. If the championship is forced to stop again, the FIGC has assured me of the playoffs or the crystallization of the ranking. Personally, I hope that we can give a positive signal by using the week between 13 and 20 by completing the Italian Cup, it would be a very important signal considering the blazon of the three remaining matches. For the Italian Cup, however, we will have to wait for the green light of the FIGC. As expected, the public service will ensure the clear view of the Italian Cup.Contacts are also underway with the holders of the championship rights. The hope is that an important signal will be given by Sky, the contacts we had with Sky today were still positive. The priority is to protect the show for Italians, guaranteeing first of all security and public order. Minister Gualtieri signed the 230 million euro bonus for employees in football in record time. We have worked hard to ensure total safety for the whole sport. The times will be decided by the competent bodies “.

DATESTomorrow the League will definitively fix the dates and times of the matches, starting with the Italian Cup calendar. As for the championship, the 27th day should be played between 20 and 21 June, while the postponed matches of the 25th day, Inter-Sampdoria, Verona-Cagliari, Turin-Parma and Atalanta-Sassuolo, will be played on 24th. Another important date will be 4 June (or 8, in the event of a slip), the day on which the Federal Council will be held, which will also have to establish the guidelines for any plan B, that of the conclusion of the championship with play-off and play-out, and of the last solution of plan C, namely the freezing of the ranking.

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