OFFICIAL: it starts from Turin-Parma. Choose the dates of the transfer market


The Lega meeting ended: Italian Cup from 13 to 17 June, Serie A starts on 20 and 21 with recoveries while the market will start on September 1

Serie A starts again on June 20 but with the recoveries of the 25th day and not with the matches of the 27th, as was proposed yesterday. This is what emerges from the League meeting held today. Torino will therefore play the first of their last thirteen games against Parma, from Tuesday 21 to Thursday 23 June, when all the teams will have the same starting number played will be played on the 27th round (and therefore also Torino-Udinese). The dates of the Italian Cup were also confirmed in today’s meeting: the return semi-finals will be held on June 13 and 14, the final will be held on June 17.

Serie A: the dates of the summer transfer market

In addition to the championship dates, the Lega meeting also discussed the next transfer market session which should officially start on September 1 and end on October 5. From July onwards, the various Italian clubs will have the opportunity to sign preliminary contracts with the players: a decision, this, taken not to favor the French and German clubs which instead will respect the usual dates of the summer transfer market starting right in July.

Urbano Cairo and Davide Vagnati
Urbano Cairo and Davide Vagnati

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