offer not to be missed, users activate 50 gig per month


Vodafone, a spectacular offer not to be missed for users who want to approach the world of the company in red, everyone can actually request access to Special 50 Digital Edition, a promotion that is able to reserve access to 50 gig of low-priced data traffic per month.

Exactly as we would have imagined, the above solution does not appear be accessible without distinction from the source, but is reserved exclusively for owners of a rechargeable SIM card iliad or a virtual operator. Portability, as in all operator attack, is compulsory with purchase of the new rechargeable SIM; the initial cost to be incurred is not particularly high, exactly corresponds to 10 euros, without contractual obligations or other particular limitations.

Switch to Vodafone: the promotion is wonderful

There Special 50 Digital Edition Vodafone is undoubtedly a really interesting promotion, starting from the bundle made available to the consumer, you can in fact access 50 gig of internet at the speed of 4.5G, also passing through unlimited minutes to call anyone, then finish up Endless SMS to be sent to each issue in Italy.

What makes it particularly intriguing is precisely the final sale price, corresponding to only 7 euros per month, to be paid directly through remaining credit of the connected SIM. During activation you may be offered payment through Bank account, however, remember that it will not be mandatory, but you can only consider it a plus so as not to be forced monthly to top up the charge necessary to remedy the fee.

The promo request can be submitted directly to the points of sale scattered throughout the territory.

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