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Big news from Nvidia, AMD and Intel will come to August 2020, the period in which the major presentation events by the three companies are concentrated, which should announce and show the events on such occasions new GPUs and APUs expected in the near future on the market.

The information comes from the program Hot Chips, a conference organized by the IEEE Technical Committee on Microprocessors and Microcomputers, in which interventions are expected from all three manufacturers between 16 and 18 August 2020.

In this case, Nvidia will give a presentation on the next generation of GPU Ampere series, entitled “The next gen of Nvidia GPUs: Performance and innovation for computer GPUs”, although it is likely that, on an occasion like this, there will be no announcements intended for the general public.

Hot Chips is a conference of a technical nature, aimed primarily at professionals, therefore release dates and launch prices are unlikely to be announced, especially since it will probably be cards for workstations rather than for the consumer market, even if it is not however said.

Instead, AMD will hold the presentation “AMD Next-Generation 7nm Ryzen 4000 APU“, evidently focused on the new APU by the company based on Ryzen 4000. Finally, Intel will present its graphics cards with architecture Xe and this could be the first real presentation for these hardware.

In any case, a presentation more specifically dedicated to the consumer market, at least as regards AMD and Nvidia, is perhaps more likely towards September 2020.

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