Nurse in bra and panties under transparent antivirus suit. “I was hot”


MOSCOW – “I was hot”. This justified a young nurse who showed up in the Covid department where she works in a bikini. It happened at the hospital in Tula, Russia, 193 km south of Moscow. The 20-year-old had a rigorously transparent protective suit and mask, essential accessories in the time of the coronavirus. The gesture was sanctioned, as reported in the Daily Mail. He was working in the infectious diseases department, but he could not resist the heat caused by contact with the material of the suit. It was impossible for patients and colleagues not to notice it. There direction of the hospital he condemned his behavior by accusing the employee of “non-compliance with the medical clothing requirements”.

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There photo of the nurse in bikini is has been sent to the editorial staff of and is traveling around the world. The young woman apologized explaining that she hadn’t noticed any transparency.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health reported that the nurse was subjected to a disciplinary sanction

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