“Now she lives exactly like in Somalia”, when she was a prisoner – Libero Quotidiano


Words that weigh like boulders, those of Rula Jebreal, which on the case of Silvia Romano is back to doing a bit of morality at all. “It had to be protected, the authorities and institutions should have done it – said the journalist – unfortunately this was not the case. Sensitive information was also disclosed which, for security reasons, should never have been in the public domain “. Jebreal is very critical of the management of the return of the Milanese worker to Italy, kidnapped in Kenya and released after 18 long months: “Incitement to hatred and violence are symptoms of a serious illness that can take different names: sexism, racism and islamophobia. Silvia risks being subjected to violence, has been threatened and will turn under escort. Exactly how he lived in Somalia“. As for the authenticity of Silvia Romano’s conversion, Jebreal has no doubts: “It is not for anyone to question the personal choices of a young woman. Silvia has the right to calmly work out not only her plots but also her choices “. It weighs, however, that terrifying comparison of Jebreal, according to which today Silvia Aisha Romano, in Italy, in the Italy that freed her, lives “exactly as in Somalia”.

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