“Now my trust in him is shaking” – Libero Quotidiano


Beppe Severgnini underlines how his trust in councilor Giulio Gallera wobbles: “After his explanation he should have admitted that he had made a mistake”. The editorialist, a guest at Otto e Mezzo, refers to the gaffe that saw the Lombard councilor for welfare as protagonist. Gallera a few days ago expressed himself this way: “The Rt index at 0.51 means that to infect me you have to find two people infected at the same time. This means that it is not so simple to find two people infected at the same time to infect me. ”A wrong exit that Gallera himself then resumed, but which for Severgnini, in connection with Lilli Gruber, is impossible to forget:” My trust in him wobbles “he says clear and round. Then the reference to Nino Cartabellotta who, with his Gimbe, accused Lombardy of hiding the true numbers of coronavirus infections: “Cartabellotta is a serious person, some worries now emerge”.

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