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It does not offer discounts, Luca Zaia, the governor of Veneto who tells his story in an interview with Everyday occurrence. Take stock on the coronavirus emergency in the region, he still chases the rumors about the national aims and, once again, shows himself one step ahead of everyone and talks about the reopening of the discos: “I plan to do it on June 15th”. It’s safe? “I opened the beaches on the 18th and I was right. If the indicators are good, in June I open cinemas, theaters, the whole show circuit”. Then, we talk about the controversy with Andrea Crisanti, professor and virologist with whom the relationship has cracked due to a controversy regarding the tracing of contagions in the region. And against the director of the Microbiology laboratory of the Padua hospital company, Zaia does not spare heavy words: “He is a scientist of the highest level, we have entrusted him with the largest Italian microbiology laboratory. He takes care of the analysis phase“And again:” Everyone has to do his job “. So when they remember how Zaia is one who does little on TV, the Doge places the load for ninety years:” I don’t give a damn, only quality interviews . Crisanti should select morefor me, “he concludes.

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