Now Conte trembles: “Closer collaborators are looking for a new job”


While the armchair of Giuseppe Conte it is already in the balance, some voices shake the ground even more under the premier’s feet. According to authoritative indiscretions from the Capitoline palaces of power, he explains Affaritaliani, some of the closer ones collaborators of the Prime Minister are already looking for a new job.

The prime minister is moving to guarantee himself a few more months of survival, but the experience at Palazzo Chigi seems close to the conclusion. At the end of summer, the time may come to pack your bags, even if Conte is doing everything possible to keep his armchair tight. However, there are those who clearly see the end of the Giallorossi executive and have decided not to waste time immediately looking for a new job. The tensions in the majority they become more acute with each passing day. As reported in the newspaper, the heads of delegation present every week at the meetings and the top summits are forced every time to appeal to unity. The latest moves of Matteo Renzi they also do not make you sleep soundly: from the case of the motion of no confidence to the minister Alfonso Bonafede to the rescue of Matteo Salvini, Italy Viva is shaking the yellow and red executive. Every day internal conflicts arise in the majority that Giuseppe Conte tries to mediate as he can. Never relationships they break and it’s difficult to put everything back together. It is feared that the crisis may erupt at any moment: “Just think that the relationship between Di Maio and Conte is fruit: since ‘Giuseppi’ stole the show from Ciampino and did not warn him of Silvia Romano’s release, the relationship between the two has fallen to the minimum terms“, they declared from the Democratic Party.

And so the list of disgruntled it gets longer and longer. It is not just the Renzians who put the sticks between Conte’s legs. Now it seems that close collaborators are preparing the suitcases in order to send a strong message to the premier. The government is cornered and now it is better to look elsewhere. “This is the time to raise our heads and turn our gaze to future“Prime Minister Conte wrote on his Facebook profile this morning about the European Recovery Plan. It seems that someone has taken it at his word by looking for a new job. And so the premier, increasingly isolated, now has to do the accounts also with his most trusted collaborators who are anticipating the end of the government.

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