Notaries: ‘House sales collapse in March, up to -50% in Milan’ – Economy


Generalized collapse of the real estate market in March, in the major Italian cities: it goes “from -25% in Bologna and Florence, to reductions of over 50% in Milan, which has a negative record”. In Rome, Naples, Bari and Palermo “there are decreases between 43% and 47% approximately”. This was noted by the National Council of Notaries, reading the notary statistics.

The Coronavirus effect caused mortgages for homes to fall in our country: in fact, notarial statistics showed a 54.5% drop in Milan in March 2020, followed by Verona (-45.5%), Naples (-41.2%), Bari (-40.7%), then Palermo -39.2%, Rome and Turin -35.1%. In Florence (-11.1%) and Bologna (-13.6%) there are the least decreases. “The trend of subrogations is decidedly uneven, which, with low numbers in the absolute sense (which therefore influence the fluctuations in percentage), unexpectedly sees an increase of over 66% in Florence and 27.6% in Bologna, compared to a 44.3% reduction in Bari and over 53% in Cagliari “, the notaries point out.


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