“Not only will Lautaro surrender but he will have to …”


The Catalan press updates the situation daily Lautaro Martinez. The tones rise after Piero Ausilio’s interview

The Barcelona press is actively participating in the negotiation between Inter and the Blaugrana club for Lautaro Martinez. Participate with keen interest and the usual arrogance that distinguishes Barcelona in all its market negotiations.

Today, needless to say, Lautaro Martinez is back on the front page. And the tones of the Mundo Deportivo rise, in response to Piero Ausilio’s interview with Sky Sport.

Barcelona was not at all disturbed by Ausilio’s words. The attempt to involve other buyers by appealing to the clause is evident. But the clause will expire on July 15th and after that day, Inter will be forced to sell Lautaro Martinez at market prices, with prices lowered after the coronavirus emergency. The player only wants Barcelona, ​​so how will Inter make it seem to have sold him for 111 million euros? Easy. She will be forced to overestimate the counterpart that will put Barcelona in the deal. So, after July 15, the deal will go through for 70 million and one player, writes the newspaper with great conviction.

We’ll see.




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