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It will be the exchange market, it is now clear, it has been declared and then confirmed by the facts of the first negotiations started however complex. But the exchange market will inevitably have to involve operations between clubs of the same rank, for various economic rather than technical reasons. Investments for the future will not be lacking in any case, cash-only business will be seen above all as regards purchases from other markets or smaller companies. Although there will be exceptions, of course. Meanwhile, Juve is not standing still. And he continues his negotiation for one of those players framed for the future, but considered ready for the present, at least enough to foresee a rich expense: it is Kaio Jorge. Even if the world recession imposes figures beyond which you cannot or do not want to go, despite the fact that Santos does not seem willing to make any discounts for now. KAIO JORGE IMMEDIATELY – Compared to many similar situations, however, there is a small advantage: Santos is willing to start Kaio Jorge immediately. Which Juve in turn would like to buy to make it available to Maurizio Sarri next season. A precious starting point, but that is not enough to make the negotiation simple. Started in the form of exploratory contacts before the Covid-19 emergency, continued afterwards. But pfor now Santos’ request for 30 million (30% would go to a fund linked to manager Giuliano Bertolucci) has remained so, with Juve who on the contrary would not want to go beyond a figure between 15 and 20 million of Euro. The distance is there and for the moment it has not yet been gnawed, waiting to evaluate a formula that can unlock the situation, maybe a one or two year loan with redemption obligation. Between Icardi and Arek Milik, waiting to untie the Higuain knot, Juve tries to catch the new top player of the future in Brazil. To be launched immediately.

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