NORTH KOREA. Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons are ready for use


Has been confirmed by the North Korean media themselves that North Korea has prepared plans to “put strategic armed forces into a high-alert operation,” unveiling the result of its fourth enlarged meeting of the Seventh Central Military Commission of the Workers’ Party in English.

This fact clarifies Pyongyang’s intention to emphasize its preparation for launching nuclear missiles, increasing the alert level for the United States, reports Dong A Ilbo.

The English version of the Rodong Sinmun it reported on May 24 that during the meeting the new principle of “putting the strategic armed forces into a high alarm operation” was launched. The expression, which in Korean literally means “a high level of turbulence”, is more articulated in English, signaling a clear message to the United States. Some experts say the expression is similar to the concept of “LOW-Launch on Warning”, adopted by nuclear powers such as the United States and Russia.

“It is the first time that North Korea has used the term” high alert operation “to describe nuclear forces. It is a state where nuclear weapons can be used in a very short period of time, “reports the South Korean newspaper which then continues:” It means that North Korea is able to immediately launch a nuclear attack anywhere in the North. East Asia, pointing out that it has leadership in nuclear deterrence (…) The statement implies that North Korea has determined that its solid fuel has been stabilized, suggesting that it is capable of launching nuclear weapons using solid fuel and launch times lower at any time ยป.

The regime of Kim Jong Un, therefore faced with the stall in talks with the United States of America, are returning to the previous military conduct based on the threat and the ballistic-nuclear provocation that had been set aside in anticipation of the dialogue between the two nations, which ran aground in the shallows of North Korean denuclearization.

Antonio Albanese

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