Nordio: “Csm shit to change. Yes to the draw”


He does not use half-words or words to condemn the chaos that has swept the Superior Council of the Judiciary. Carlo Nordio, ex magistrate, sinks the blow against the short circuit of the Italian justice seen the scandal of Luca Palamara and chats on Matteo Salvini.

Interviewed by Italy today, the former assistant prosecutor of Venice, comments so caustically all: “One disgust. Before which even the constituent fathers if they rose would be the first to want to change the rules of CSM. So, regarding the Palamara chat question about (or rather against) Salvini, he declares: “I did not expect such a level of baseness. As a magistrate I found it repugnant. It is serious if a judge pronounces himself for the acquittal of a person he thinks guilty. But if he hopes for the conviction of someone he thinks innocent is a sacrilege. .. “.

Continuing the chat with the economic and legal newspaper, Nordio explains what his recipe is to try to (re) give credibility to togas and the whole judiciary is justice tricolor: “We need to free the CSM from current and to do this one must resort to draw of its components “. It specifies: “Of course, the draw for the CSM should take place in a basket composed of high-ranking magistrates, lawyers, members of the forensic councils and university professors of legal subjects. All people, by definition, intelligent and competent”.

The draw is a modality that does not appeal to the National Magistrates Association and in response to the controversy of theAnm, Nordio frames them like this: “The criticisms that the ANM addresses to the draw sound more or less like this: that no one would be operated by a person taken at random among the passers-by. So I answer that it is emphatic banality or rather childish hypocrisies. Trivia, because the draw should take place, as I said, between qualified people. And hypocrisies, because the ANM does not want to lose the immense power it has “.

About the interlacing between judiciary is policy, on the silence of the head of state Sergio Mattarella – who in addition to being president of the Republic is also president of the CSM – the former toga claims that formally the tenant can only keep silent, even if, he says, “I think a moral suasion can and should exercise it confidentially”.

Furthermore, Nordio’s judgment on the possibility of using the so-called is very tough trojans “Grillino” for the eavesdropping to be used in investigations: “It is an ignoble tool, it should be treated like confidants, spies or anonymous letters. That is a starting point for investigations, but not a means of proof.”

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