Non-repayable grants, launching pad



Grants, the launching pad. Next week the Revenue Agency will release the provision with the operating procedures for the management of the applications of the companies to the requests for grants.

The stable order is to be quick to maintain the commitment to credit the money to the applicants’ current accounts by the end of June.

In addition, the demand, based on simplicity, will not require precise data on the membership revenue threshold but more simply the estimate that will materialize by barring the box of the membership revenue bracket.

The relaunch decree, dl 34/20, before examining the budget committee of the chamber, introduced, in article 25, non-refundable contributions intended for companies that have suffered substantial drops in turnover.

The amount of the non-refundable contribution is also parameterised on the basis of company revenues.

The amount of the contribution is in fact up to 20% if the subjects with revenues or fees do not exceed 400 thousand euros in the 2019 tax period; 15% for subjects with revenues or fees indicated in paragraph 3 above 400 thousand and up to 1 million euro in the 2019 tax period; and 10% for subjects with revenues or fees indicated in paragraph 3 above 1 million and up to 5 million euros in the 2019 tax period.

The operation will be managed by the Agency which is completing the technological platform on which applications must be sent. The measure will also make known the request from the streamlined structure with an indication of which range of revenues it belongs to, and information on the anti-mafia certification.

After submitting the application, the Revenue Agency will take a few days, it is estimated not more than a week, to check the correctness of the data indicated and then proceed to credit the money on the Iban provided in the ‘instance.

Over € 5 billion has been allocated for this procedure.

At the moment, from the scope of application, those who although VAT holders are professionals, self-employed, accountants, labor consultants, tax payers, lawyers have been excluded.

The Revenue Agency monitors the applications submitted and the overall amount of the non-refundable contributions requested and informs the State Accounting Department on a weekly basis.

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