No safety distance and masks: the protest of the orange vests in Milan violates all anti-Covid regulations


A few hundred people gathered in Piazza Duomo in Milan without any safety distance and, in many cases, without masks or with their masks down.The images of the Milanese event – held simultaneously with other Italian squares – of the ‘orange vests’, the protest movement led by the former general of the carabinieri, are eloquent Antonio Pappalardo which calls, among other things, for the end of the Conte government, the start of a new national government and the “return to the Italian lira”.

In Milan hundreds assembled in Piazza Duomo and without masks: the protest of the orange vests

Pappalardo at the microphone, inside a security space created by some people who acted as security, and hundreds of people huddled over the temporary barriers.No distancing as required by the anti-coronavirus rules, many lowered or completely missing masks (and in Lombardy, among other things, the mask is mandatory).



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