no price on June 3, pre-orders already higher than the Xbox Series X?


From various sources the rumors that the PS5 reveal set for next week are rising more and more, with particular attention focused on the date of Wednesday 3 June.

Further confirmations in this regard also come from Venture Beat, which cites anonymous sources close to Sony circles. Again, the date already indicated as the definitive one is reported, except for last minute changes related to the international health situation. Reportedly, the event of the 3 June will be dedicated to PS5 presentation and some first games next gen.

Information related to PS5 price and launch date instead they should come later. On the price front, in particular, it is reported that this still would not have been definitively defined by Sony, which would be to reconcile the need to identify an advantageous figure with the desire not to sell hardware at a loss. In addition, the company plans to add special events dedicated exclusively to games, which will follow the appointment on June 3. On this front one is mentioned State of Play themed both PlayStation 4 games and PlayStation 5 titles and expected for the month of August.

Finally, a rather peculiar signal comes from the ResetEra pages by a user who looks like alleged employee of a videogame chain active in northern Europe. The latter reports on how the chain, active in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, has already opened i pre-orders for PS5, registering 4,413 reservations in the first month: a number, he claims, much higher than that achieved by PS4, which in the first month had seen 2,816 pre orders.

As usual, we remind you that we are talking about unofficial and unconfirmed information.

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