no hunting and immortal horse


As revealed by the latest State of Play dedicated to the title, many animals will animate the world of Ghost of Tsushima, helping the protagonist in different ways Jin Sakai.

Among the latter stand out for example colorful birds that with their flight can lead the player to hidden places or, again, red foxes who will trace paths towards temples full of atmosphere. In this context, Sucker Punch has chosen not to introduce mechanics related to hunting, which would have partially contrasted with the dynamics with which the team wanted to shape the exploration system of the Japanese island. Jin Sakaion the contrary, it will show a strong sensitivity for living creatures surrounding him: a consequence – says the team – also of the personality of the actor who played the protagonist of Ghost of Tsushima.

Another interesting element is the confirmation that Jin’s faithful mount cannot be killed during the adventure. “Your horse cannot die. – declares unequivocally Sucker Punch – The mount will be frightened and run away. For a brief moment, you may not be able to call her back, but no one will be able to kill your horse, neither in combat nor in the rest of the gameplay“In short, one less concern for the already troubled young Samurai.

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