No class with 18 students, but it is done with 34: the protest grows. Ascani (Pd): fewer students, same staff


The response of the Government and the Ministry of Education to the need to form numerically reduced classes in view of the return to class in September remains decidedly lukewarm, so as to guarantee distance. Unions and opposition politicians are among those who are protesting most vehemently. But also deputies and senators of the same majority who, also on the push of their own territory, ask for clarification from those who manage Education in Italy.

No “discounts” from the school offices, on the contrary …

Especially because, as we have already noted, there are some Ust executives who are even showing themselves to be more rigid than in the past. Not considering, at least for now, the Covid-19 emergency.

To date, for example, the ministry’s indication not to train in upper intermediate classes with less than 22 students applies.

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Then there are the rules on initial class formations, whose minimum parameters essential constraints are considered: 18 pupils in childhood, 15 in primary school, 18 in middle school and 27 in high school. Only in the presence of disabled pupils can they be reduced.

There would also be the roofs”: 29 pupils in childhood, 27 in primary school, 28 in middle school and 30 in high school. And on these, however, the administration applies several exceptions. As in Rome, where the school office merged two intermediate classes of the same year, respectively of 18 and 16 pupils each, creating one from 34 students.

Marche is not there

On May 15, the regional councilor of the Marche, Loretta Bravi, made it known that he had written to the Minister of Education, Lucia Azzolina, to report the critical issues in the formation of classes in different provinces.

At the Luciano Laurana Scientific High School of Urbino, Bravi wrote, there would be an intention to form a class with “32 boys, including a handicapped person“. And the “Liceo classico, from the same city, risks having a first with 33 pupils and therefore students to be redirected ”.

In the following days the case of the Classical high school of Montalto, where a class was not formed because there were only 18 pupils.

Undersecretary Morani: guaranteeing distancing

Alessia Morani, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economic Development, addressed directly to government colleague Anna Ascani, deputy minister of education, appealing to “her sensitivity towards our territories”.

“There is not only the case of the Liceo di Montalto – said Morani -. In the Marche there are critical issues in all five provinces: there are classes with more than 24 children in the presence of pupils with disabilities; there is a need to maintain or form classes in mountain areas in compliance with the parameters of the law also in order to contrast early school leaving; there is a need for split classes with 28/31 pupils, also in light of the measures for social distancing“.

The Coronavirus infection has aggravated discomforts that were already deriving from the post-earthquake: in the areas of the crater it is necessary to maintain or form classes even in the presence of a small number of pupils. “I am already seriously affected by the earthquake – said Morani – It is necessary to have full-time classes in order to allow families to be able to work, also in light of the serious economic situation caused by the health emergency. I am sure that Deputy Minister Ascani will accept this appeal “.

Ascani (Pd): we will guarantee schools what they need

The response of the dem exponent came immediately: “We are working – replied Ascani – for a regular start of the school year throughout the country, aware that the restart in September will be more complicated than usual. But our goal is not to leave anyone behind and for this situations affecting individual contexts will be assessed. This also applies to the Marche region, a region that has been severely tested by earthquakes in recent years: we are committed to guaranteeing schools all the professional resources, and not only, that they need, to ensure each pupil the right to study and the best possible training “.

Will the maintenance of the staff be enough?

The deputy minister for education has kept saying that the administration has succeeded “to get unchanged last year’s staffing (of teachers), despite the drop in students, also in consideration of the contingent situation of the new school year, which will start conditioned by the security measures that we will have to take to live with the virus “.

Ascani recalled that “in the last budget law, there has been a shift of a small share of common places in fact to the places of right of support, but precisely in the actual staff, as happens every year, the specific situations can be re-evaluated , also considering the additional resources that the government has allocated in the Relaunch Decree precisely in view of the restart“.

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