no anti virus tracking, you risk new outbreaks


Rome, free beaches: no anti virus tracing, new outbreaks are at risk

The bathing season has started all uphill a Host. Summer 2020, which started yesterday on the Roman coast, began amid gusts of wind, administrative chaos – with the order signed by the mayor during the night Rays which overlaps with that of the X Town Hall – and free beaches where the risk of turning into real hotbeds will be high. The emergency coronavirus worsened an already difficult situation a Host, giving the coup de grace to the local administration which already in the past has to trudge over what are the hot times related to bathing: lifeguards, cleaning and toilets. However, the epidemic risks being a further problem for the Capitol. No tracking is expected on beaches free managed by the Municipality of Rome. While in the bathing facilities, the owners of the systems are required by law to take customer names and measure their temperature, none of this is expected. The stewards, employees of a private security institute, will not take the names at the entrance of the bathers (also because they do not have titles, nor authorizations to do so), nor the body temperature.

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Rome, more tables in the center in front of bars and restaurants. The Ministry: «Not in front of historic buildings»

Who guarantees public health on the free beaches of Rome? Without considering that the security, blue shirt and tablet in hand to update the positions available online, ends his work at 16.30. From that moment on, anyone will be able to access the beaches without any filter and further control. To decide, in this case, it was the X Town Hall. Yes, because the order of the mayor on the subject of access to free beaches refers to a City Council resolution signed on May 26 but which, however, has not yet been officially published, a question that could also create “some problems of legitimacy and effectiveness of the Rays ordinance », points out the opposition of Ostia. In the administrative chaos – between offices, protocols and stamped papers – some numbers do not return. The Capitol was clear: “Six people for each set up pitch”, five for the Town Hall. “But six are fine too,” said the councilor for the environment of the X Town Hall.

At the seaside the spaces can be shared with strangers. The free beaches have been divided into areas of 25 m2 identified by red or white poles. Each space can accommodate from 1 to a maximum of 6 people, but they do not necessarily have to get to know each other. If all the areas were occupied, in fact, the steward will propose to share spaces where there are still free places. On the first day at sea, ruined by bad weather, the free beaches were unprepared. Many did not even place the placeholders – which indicate the “plots” for swimmers – and walkways. Provisions indicated by the municipal ordinance. “They will be positioned soon,” assure X Town Hall.

The beaches of the Gates of Castel Porziano and those of Capocotta are also missing. To facilitate the control of the entrances and exits, each beach will have only one access point. To complicate matters also the case of the app that does not exist: Seapass – the Sea of ​​Rome, which signals in real time (thanks to the data provided by the stewards) the availability of places on the beaches divided by names or colors is actually a site web that at the moment only reports the turnout to the sea. The Rules, Useful Information and Parking pages are empty. “We only ask you a little patience for the contents that will arrive very soon!”, Reads the site. The bathing attendants must be equipped with a full mask (full vertical mask with mouthpiece above the head) with a baywatch and an ambu ball, while “armed” vigilantes – as announced by the councilor Ferrara – will watch at night on the quads to ban torches and songs in the clear moon.

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