Nintendo Switch, update 10.0.3 is available for download –


L’update 10.0.3 of Nintendo Switch is available for download for all versions of the Nintendo hybrid console. As often happens in these cases, however, do not expect big news: it is a simple routine update that adds very little to the final user experience.

If we only looked at the official logs that accompanied the Nintendo console updates we would discover that they are the most stable machines on the planet. In fact, 90% of these updates “improve overall system stability to improve user experience“. In fact they have been closed security holes or fixed software problems, but they are all things that a normal user will hardly ever notice.

After the news related to the Nintendo Switch 10.0.0 update, the subsequent updates have only corrected operating system problems. Even in the case of this version 10.0.3 there is no escape from this rule: the update is anyway obligatory in order to access online services, for this reason it is important to know of its existence.

As always, you will be informed of the presence of the 10.0.3 update as soon as you connect the console to the network: being an update of safety it shouldn’t take long to download and install everything.

Have you noticed any changes either improvement console performance after upgrade?

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