Nintendo Switch: unveiled a new inevitable dock accessory


At the moment, there are numerous Nintendo Switch accessories available on the market. In fact, we can buy third-party controllers, dedicated headphones and even alternative docks, just to mention some interesting products. Obviously, there are three types of different accessories designed for our hybrid console house: the officers, the authorized and those without a license.

To give you a couple of useful indications, the official accessories come from the parent company, the licensed accessories are created by third parties – but are recognized and approved by the parent company -, while the unlicensed accessories are the great joker in this area. As for the first two types, a customer can buy them with the certainty that they will be 100% compatible with the product for which they are intended. The accessories without a license, however, do not give this security.

Among the best known retailers of products designed for the well-known hybrid console, we mention CyberGadget, a Chinese company that created several Nintendo Switch accessories. His latest gimmick is one protective cover for the dock. This accessory does exactly what the name suggests: it is a polycarbonate protection designed specifically to protect the Nintendo Switch dock from possible damage. Its peculiarity is that totally transparent. In this way, the design of the dock, of our Nintendo Switch, will not be altered, making it more secure and, at the same time, preserving its integrity and its beauty.

Indeed, being able to protect the dock as well as the Nintendo Switch is a desire of many meticulous gamers, whose interest is to preserve the physical integrity of their collection. The cover for the Nintendo Switch dock will be released by Cyber ​​Gadget on May 31, 2020. If you are interested in purchasing, there is currently no further information, nor do we know what its price will be. Comparing it to some similar accessories available for the famous console, however, we can surely imagine that will not have a high price.

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