Nintendo Switch, many unknown games from Nintendo, Square Enix, Capcom, Bethesda, Ubisoft and others sprout online –


Nintendo Switch may soon receive a new and significant injection of many new games, based on what emerged in the Amazon France price lists, which indicates in these hours the introduction of numerous unannounced titles from first party and third party.

First of all, it must be remembered that the source is not considered reliable at best, especially as the French division of Amazon which lately has also had some problems on this front, as we have seen with the curious case of Days Gone in PC version, also accompanied by Persona 5 Royal and many exclusive PS4, which later revealed system errors.

So even this information must be taken with due caution, but some news on the Nintendo Switch lineup front would certainly be expected for the summer, considering also that with the E3 2020 canceled there are probably several ads which will have to be done in the next period.

In this case, this is the list of games that emerged based on the rumor:

  • 3 games from Bethesda (1 Nintendo Switch only, 2 cross-platform)
  • 2 Square Enix games (both for Nintendo Switch only)
  • 2 Warner Bros. games (1 Switch only, the other cross-platform)
  • 2 Ubisoft games (2 cross-platform)
  • 1 game from Take Two (cross-platform)
  • 1 game from Capcom (Switch only)

There would also be 4 games from Nintendo, although on this front the issue is more vague. These are, in total, almost twenty games for Nintendo Switch that have not yet been announced, a quantity in line with the presentations that usually take place during the E3 period.

At this point the question is obviously the same as in the last few months: when there will be a new one Nintendo Direct? The only way to really know what’s going on for Nintendo Switch is to see one of the company’s official broadcasts, but the problem is that there seems to be no Direct planned for this period.

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