Nintendo 3DS: Citra, the first emulator for Android devices, arrives


We all know that Nintendo is not a fan of emulators, especially if it is something that concerns the circulation of ROM / ISO. And now, for the happiness of the great N, the first arrives in the videogame world 3DS emulator for mobile devices, available now for Android. This emulator is called Citra.

The latter has been in development for several years now and although excellent results have been achieved on the PC in the field of video game emulation, themobile experience always gives added value sought after for Nintendo games. Now, in fact, you can also take advantage of smartphone devices, certainly, more suitable thinking about the real nature of Nintendo’s portable console.

In addition, the emulator was also able to replicate the typical 3DS functionality such as support for amiibo, for the camera and for the microphone, together with movement controls, making the mobile gaming experience even more optimal. However, compatible external gamepads can also be used. With the video above you can admire the performances of Citra so far documentable. It’s possible download the Citra app for Android free of charge from the Google Play Store, but there is also a version “premium”For a fee, which includes additional features.

We await new future feedback, in the event that users will carry out more in-depth tests in the coming days, so as to see how Citra actually behaves. Obviously, performance will depend heavily on the device’s GPU drivers. Recall, however, that video game emulation is not legal, as it is still copyrighted material. In theory, downloading any game from an unauthorized source, even if you have the physical version, is not legal.

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