Ninja bans ZexRow from his tournament, he lets off steam on social media –


It seems that the story related to ZexRow is still far from ending. This kid scored stratospheric in the first tournament of Fortnite Chapter 2 organized entirely by Tyler “Ninja“Blevins, among other things, earning the sum of 25,000 dollars. But Ninja immediately banned him: and for good reason, as you are about to read.

The fact is that ZexRow, interviewed immediately after the victory in the NInja tournament, heavily insulted all the rivals encountered in Fortnite Chapter 2 games. We are not talking about acceptable, understandable or “light” terms: “All those who have not succeeded not even in the top ten can suck my c **** […] I’m of the dog m ****, brain-injured. This is what I have to say. ”

Following these statements, inter alia made during a live broadcast, Ninja has banned ZexRow from his tournament, sarcastically commenting in this way: “congratulations on your first and last victory in the Ninja tournament”. At this point, as you can easily imagine, ZexRow ran to let off steam on social networks giving everyone an apology and promising to behave better in the future.

To make matters worse, however, the teammate reactions of ZexRow: MackWood, ZexRo and Calc are also part of the TSM team. The first two were not particularly enthusiastic about ZexRow’s behavior; the third teammate, Calc, said his statements represent a problem for the entire competitive team. Hence the decision of ZexRow: he confirmed that, if it will serve to honor his teammates, he will leave the team directly and take full responsibility for his actions. But will things really go like this?

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