Nightmare night for Azzolina: so she wanted to leave the government


At the end Lucia Azzolina has not been able to react and has taken a very hard blow in the context of the School decree: the summit bis convened by Palazzo Chigi was fundamental, which allowed Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte to find a common summary regarding the precarious competitions. There remains the incoming selective written test for the hiring of 32 thousand teachers: the test – which will be done when there are the epidemiological conditions – will be held after the summer and will require the delivery of a paper. Instead, the hypothesis of the closed-answer quiz has been averted. From the government they say it is a solution that will allow “fight the insecurity guaranteeing meritocracy“. All the details of the agreement will be disclosed today; the Democratic Party and Free and Equal are therefore ready to reformulate the amendment to the Senate that asked for hiring”for length of service and personal titles“.

But for the Minister of Education it was a rather troubled night: moments of truth were not lacking voltage and disputes. After a protracted confrontation, a square was found that could satisfy all the factions of the majority. “Well the solution on the extraordinary competition for the school. We want to reduce the precariousness, to give more stability to the school, and we want to do it through a hiring method that guarantees merit“, declared the owner of the department of Viale di Trastevere. At the moment, however, the at your place neither of the ordinary call for middle and high school nor those for the test for children and primary school. According to what has been learned and reported by The Republic, for Azzolina there were also hours of reflection, during which it would even come to threaten them resignation. However, the idea of ​​leaving office was discarded and then surrendered to the Prime Minister’s line.

The defeat of Azzolina

The head of the Giallorossi executive had been clear: “We can’t split on school“And so it was. Even if the differences were not lacking, in the end a right compromise was found. A choice very similar to the request made by Pd and Leu: now Andrea Marcucci and Peppe De Cristofaro (the respective group leaders in the Senate and Undersecretary) found the attorney’s version satisfactory. The Minister of Education quickly absorbed the defeat and then declared herself satisfied. You can continue to enjoy the full support of the 5 star movement, who took the field in his defense to arm her in spite of the endless controversy also ignited by the unions. The tensions within the majority had made one think of a scenario reshuffle, but the grillini categorically said “no”: you can’t even imagine.

La Azzolina now does not want to waste time and hurries allies: “We need to work quickly, together with Parliament, to translate the measure into a standard to be introduced in the school decree“. Meanwhile the 32 thousand precarious middle and high school students will be summarized in fixed term selected by the school rankings: from 1st September they will be available to the school. The written quiz test had caused a lot of discontent, but now the option is no longer feasible. “We thought that the crosses were not an adequate selection system and the pandemic changed the whole picture“he comments Anna Ascani of the Democratic Party. The Deputy Minister of Education considers the solution found convincing since it goes in the direction desired by the dem, who had sided against “an amnesty“, convinced that you cannot enter school”without a form of selection“.

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