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The Rai fee and the Car tax are two mandatory taxes that citizens have to pay. Over the years a multitude of requests have been made which explicitly asked to to abolish the two payments mentioned above. To date, however, no really important changes have been reported in this regard. So ultimately they are still mandatory to pay.

Rai fee and Auto tax: they will probably always be mandatory and will never be abolished

Unfortunately, the ongoing health emergency has made us realize even more than one thing: the possible repeal of the Rai license or car tax is increasingly distant. It is true that the Italian government has helped many families by allowing them to deal with the emergency, but these two taxes seem never to be canceled. But is there an alternative way to ensure that the state can still have the same income?

These two tributes, although defined as such, are truly fundamental for the state. By channeling millions of Italians into this payment, he enters the state coffers a very considerable sum of money. This means that in any case, in the event that the tax is definitively removed, the State will have to find other solutions to ensure that money arrives in its coffers. However, the situation should not discourage us, also because there may be some news ahead, even in the face of the new needs that we will face after the health emergency.

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