NEWS CT – Ghirelli writes to the club: “That’s how many buffers and tests will be used in C”


After today’s Federal Council, the President of the Pro League, Francesco Ghirelli, wrote a letter to his 60 presidents of Serie C. Below is the text of the letter, with the possible solutions for the third series, as picked up by

Dear President,
the Federal Council has just ended and I would like to give you an account of the resolutions taken which will then have to be examined in depth in a meeting that we will have to convene closely.

Despite the request sent to the Federation through which we submitted the resolutions passed by our Assembly on May 7, the Federal President proposed to the Council only the continuation of the professional championships, to be completed by August 20 p.v. with the end of the season on August 31 p.v., with the definitive suspension of the amateur ones, keeping the end of the season unchanged only for this category on June 30 p.v ..

The Chairman Gravina therefore clarified the proposed resolution:
“- prior to the resumption of individual competitions according to the ordinary calendar, the Federal Council will determine the criteria for defining the competitions where, due to the epidemiological emergency from Covid-19, the same should be suspended again, according to the principles indicated below ;
– in the event that the track can be restarted but both preventively ascertained the impossibility to conclude the same with the dispute of all games already provided by the ordinary calendar, the Federal Council will indicate a different format (short phases of play out and / or play off) in order to identify the outcome of the competitions including promotions and retrocessions;
– in the denied hypothesis in which it is not possible to restart the competitions or, once resumed, the same should be suspended again and therefore it was not possible or to conclude the same in accordance with the expected ordinary calendar or according to a different format, the results of the competitions, including promotions and retrocessions, will be identified on the basis of the classification crystallized at the time of the definitive interruption also by applying objective corrective coefficients that take into account the Prot. Nr. 583/20 of 20/05/2020 2 organization in groups of the competition and / or different number of races played by the companies “.

The undersigned, together with the directors Lo Monaco and Baumgartner, defended the absolute legitimacy and correctness of the position of our Assembly highlighting the enormous economic difficulties and the health risk to which our companies would be subjected. We also highlighted the specificity and differences of our League compared to the higher leagues.

The proposal by President Gravina was put to the vote, which saw the contrary opinion of the three federal councilors of Lega Pro.

The President Gravina therefore specified that for the resumption of training the “Guidelines for carrying out training for team sports” published by the Ministry of Sport must be followed which specifies:
‚ÄúLimited to the training of professional football teams, a specific protocol has been prepared by the Italian Football Federation, subject to validation by the above mentioned Scientific Technical Committee. The protocol is published on the FIGC website and on the website of the Sports Office at the address: “.

Therefore this protocol, which has not yet been published yet, is valid for the Serie A, Serie B and Lega Pro. From the information received by our representative in the Federal Medical Commission, Dr. Braconaro, it has been estimated that for our clubs Overall, approximately 55,000 swabs and 20,000 serological tests will be needed. It will also be entitled to if I encountered in the course of training a case of positive covid19, the team group will continue aIlenamenti, but in retreat following appropriate procedures. The judgment of Dr. Braconaro and the doctors of our clubs was that of the impossibility of applying the protocol. This judgment was reported by the federal councilors of the League during today’s meeting.

As for the possible definition of different formats and the criteria for defining the rankings, they will be brought to the next Federal Council that President Gravina has announced will be on 2 or 3 June p.v. 3

Finally, I would like to highlight how it certainly did not help to strengthen the position of the League Assembly, the requests sent by some of our clubs to the FIGC in order to allow the play-off dispute.

However, we remain available for any clarification.



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